and so the prophecy
of what this man should be
the priests they shook their heads
it didn't fit their story no
and then it came to pass
and they were gone at last
and he was by the door
telling us only to believe

sin weighty on
he was your lost directions
without the sword drawn
in fact of descent hope
it was a sign
was he the sign?

and then the jury took
from all that they had booked
and he was guilty by
his hands were at my side
lord, where are you?
i felt your finger tips
they gripped and then they gripped
the blood that freely spilled
this couldn't be fulfilled
without you

sin weighty on
he was the one that they sought
for thousands of years
entering time
divided mankind
was he the sign?
was he the sign?

divided mankind
was he the sign?
was he the sign?



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Daniel Zott Detroit

Daniel Zott was born in a hospital. Noise was hitting his ears since he was impossibly (mathematically speaking) constructed. Eventually, he wanted to make his own noise. He stumbled upon a guitar after a sports injury in junior high. He never played sports again. ... more

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