the best thing we've done
is have god be our financial partner
no longer living in an apartment
or driving an old car . . . we're on the fast track

you must
become increase minded
set your heart on a wealthy place
this is your time for a breakthrough
just sow your seed and the doc's on his knees

it's a shame we all can't live this way
drop top chevrolet
isn't this heaven today

whatever you've got
i can guarantee
the lord's annointing for ten times your lot
isn't it time
to call this number
just have a little faith
and i'll pocket the rest

oh no what happened to all my fortune
seems that while i was rising so were the poor

now it's true
everything rots
and i saw some kid
living in a cardboard box
he was happier than me
he saw something i couldn't see
he bought something for free
yeah, he was happier than me



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Daniel Zott Detroit

Daniel Zott was born in a hospital. Noise was hitting his ears since he was impossibly (mathematically speaking) constructed. Eventually, he wanted to make his own noise. He stumbled upon a guitar after a sports injury in junior high. He never played sports again. ... more

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