when i wake up with the morning light i can always breathe
somehow that never has meant much to me
and i can't say i am thankful for the things i have
i'm a hell of a guy
living a hell of a lie

and if i gave it all way i'd expect something back
i'm never sure that i could tell you where my heart is at
cause every good thing i do is a selfish act
and i'm a hell of a guy
living a hell of a lie

that's why i don't understand where you come in
showing a son of dirt how to be a man
i tried to refuse your name, still you love the same
singing hallelujah
singing hallelujah



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Daniel Zott Detroit

Daniel Zott was born in a hospital. Noise was hitting his ears since he was impossibly (mathematically speaking) constructed. Eventually, he wanted to make his own noise. He stumbled upon a guitar after a sports injury in junior high. He never played sports again. ... more

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